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Ever wonder why the Dutch are among the happiest people on the planet? On soChicken you'll discover practical tips to be happy, feel great and enjoy life.

soChicken: discover how to be happy in life!

Welcome to soChicken, a website with practical tips on how to be happy in life. My name is Jelle Hermus (pronounced Yella), I’m 27 years old and I live in the historic Dutch city of Delft. The last 6 years my life has been all about making happiness easy, practical and as fun as possible. Over the past years soChicken has grown to become one of the most popular independent blogs in the Netherlands. We even received an national award! Yeah, I know. Amazing stuff.

On you’ll find the best en most effective ways to a life filled with more health, inner peace, happiness, love and excitement.

Is that something you’re interested in? Great – then let’s get started! First I’d like to give you my free eBook ‘Happiness in an Egg shell‘, which outlines 5 simple basic principles to be happy in life. Downloaded and read hundreds of thousands of times, the principles in this eBook help people just like you to live life to the fullest, and be happier each and every day.

I hope I can offer you some inspiration, and that you will allow the simplicity of the soChicken philosophy to enrich your life.

About Jelle Hermus

Jelle Hermus (27) is the founder of soChicken. He studied Communication & Multimedia Design in Rotterdam, one of the major cities in the Netherlands. He now uses his experience to build a company that enriches the world by teaching people how to be happy in life.

He has a huge interest in health, happiness, technology and sustainability. With soChicken he wants to help as many people as possible to make their lives better in a simple manner.

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soChicken – Practical tips for a happy life
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