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Jelle Hermus

“After years of reading, experimenting, talking and writing about happiness, it suddenly hit me: happiness is not complicated. Happiness is really, really simple.”

My mission is to make the world a better place, by helping people experience their own kind of happiness. I started on this quest in my home country, the Netherlands, where hundreds of thousands of people visit soChicken every month. While creating this small Happiness eBook, I searched for the top 5 techniques that bring the highest level of happiness into your life with the minimum amount of effort.

No, this eBook won't bring you spiritual enlightenment - if that is what you're searching for. There simply is no cure-all method to solve all your problems. But I will offer you a different perspective on life. These five basic principles give you the power to increase your happiness within a matter of days. Want to know more about these principles? Read on and discover how you can download this Happiness eBook for free!

What do visitors say about soChicken?

How do I know for sure that the advice in this Happiness eBook will improve your life? Because it has happened before, over and over. More then 40,000 people went there before you, and I've received thousands of responses. More than 80% of the visitors on this site said soChicken made his or her life noticeably better! Here are a few responses.


Shani, 23 years old, Mol, Belgium
"When I discovered soChicken, I instantly noticed the common ground with the topics you cover. Time after time you guys succeed in answering certain troubles, nagging doubts and important life questions in a positive way. I just feel good after reading, thanks for that."

Judith, 30 years old, The Hague, The Netherlands
"The topics discussed and practical tips and simple examples are always clear. Most striking is that the topics you talk about always seem to be in line with the things I also have going on in my life. (Or perhaps not so striking, since everyone wants to be happier in this chaotic world.)"

Lyneke, 28 years old
"Because of the articles here, I've come to experience more peace in my life. I can really relate to many of the topics. One article in particular indicate that it was good to write down who you are, and what your talents are - and doing so, allowed me to recover from a burnout with a little extra effort, and I discovered that I should choose a different path in my career. Thanks! keep it up! I admire the way you do everything Jelle."

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