How To Build A Better Future For Yourself: 7 Steps!

You control the majority of your future. Do you want to build a better future for yourself? Then start working on it today!

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap
but by the seeds that you plant.”
Robert Louis Stevenson

Increase your chances of success

Life is not a lottery. It’s a series of events, of causes and consequences. The reason why some people seem to be more successful than others often has a fairly logical explanation.

Success often appears to be simple from the outside, so it may appear that successful people are very ‘lucky’. You’ll see a person having their big break through and becoming very successful. But what you won’t see is what happened in the time leading up to that moment.

Accomplished people do things different than people who aren’t successful. They have a different way of thinking, of talking and acting. One person will be watching television, while the other person spends her time studying. One of these things will lead to nothing, the other thing will lead towards personal growth and improved chances of a better future.

Plant the seeds of success

There are things that you can do to increase your chances of success. You can plant those seeds today, so that in the future your life will become better than it is right now.

You don’t need luck; you just have to be the cause of the effect that you want to experience. Increase the odds and make some sacrifices. Here are seven things that you can do starting today to build a better future!

1. Work towards financial freedom

Money means options. Options mean freedom. The more money you’ve got in your bank account, the more possibilities you’ll have. So work on those finances.

Treat your money with respect, and consider your household as a company. Make a profit, don’t lose money. Get rid of your debt, build up a buffer.

Don’t break the bank by consuming; you’ll want to put your focus at creating. Money will bring more happiness if you use it to support your freedom, and to get rid of your worries.

2. Develop your skills

Learn how to improve on things that you already do well. Are you a web designer? Then try to become the best web designer that you can possibly be. Go deep and wide into your area of expertise. Innovate, develop, test and grow. And keep doing that, even when you consider yourself to be the best web designer on the face of the earth.

Teach yourself also several new, useful skills – a new language, accounting, gardening, rock climbing, etc.

Keep learning, keep developing yourself. The better you are, the more likely your chances for success will be.

3. Invest in awesome people

People will determine how great your success can be. The more successful people you know, the bigger your chances that you will also become successful. So invest in your network. Help people make their lives more beautiful, learn from other people. Offer value, be a good listener, and learn from other people. Invest your time in people and don’t be afraid to share.

People will remember the good things you do. If you’re willing to really help people, then a lot of people will be willing to help you later on.

4. Have a (temporary) goal

If you know what it is that you want to accomplish, then you’re improving your chances of success. Not because the goal will magically come to you, but simply because you’re making conscious and unconscious decisions automatically that will help you move ahead.

You’re not quite sure what it is that you want to accomplish? Then set a temporary goal for yourself, so you can move ahead – even if that’s not the perfect goal or end result.

It could be a certain balance in your savings account, or being able to have a conversation in Japanese, or a certain amount of visitors on your website, etc.

5. Put something out there

You’ll increase your chances of success if you’ll put something valuable in the world. Nobody will be able to see what an amazing writer you are if you’ll never publish anything. Nobody will be able to enjoy your art if you keep it all to yourself.

Showcase yourself, let the world see what you can do and what you have to offer. You will only be able to improve yourself if you share something of value. Plus, you’ll end up reaching more people who can help you become successful in the near future.

Go out and do something, then share it with the world. Show the best you’ve got, don’t keep it hidden.

6. Broaden your knowledge

Knowledge is always a good thing. The more to know, the better and more constructive you will be able to take decisions in life. Be curious, keep learning at all times.

Did you run into something that you don’t understand? Go to Wikipedia, and click on all the links that you’re not familiar with or that you may not understand. Before you know, you’ll have built up a vast amount of knowledge about the subject that you didn’t know anything about an hour ago.

You’ll have enriched your life within a couple of minutes – and just think of the effect that may have! Discover, read, learn and ask questions. The more you understand the world around you, the easier it gets to become successful. Simply because at some point that knowledge will come in handy, and give you an important advantage.

7. Keep challenging yourself

Don’t ever settle. Stay busy. Keep learning, keep developing, and keep building towards a better future. You’ll never be done with this, not even when you think you might have done it all. It’s tempting to accept your life the way it is, and to stop growing.

If you want to improve your future, you have to keep building. You’ll have to develop yourself as much as possible. It’s the only way to get things going your way. So what are you sitting there? Let’s get moving!

Jelle Hermus

Founder of soChicken. Jelle (28) is an entrepreneur, designer and health & happiness expert. His passion is making happiness as simple as possible.

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