Nothing is Permanent

We tend to focus on the things and people that over time will no longer be a part of our lives. Once you accept everything is temporary, you will feel more liberated than you’ve ever been.

“What does it matter if I’ll never see you again?
You gave color to my day
And that’s something that will remain
That’s all we ever expected.”

Translated from Paul de Leeuw, Une Belle Histoire (Spotify)

Nothing is permanent

We tend to look at the world from our own perspective, which is shaped by the time we live in and the life experiences that have brought us here. A year is a long period of time, so when something or someone has been in our life for several years, we tend to feel that it will always be that way.

But nothing is forever. Nothing is permanent or fixed. Everything in our world is and always will be temporary.

There will come a time in which won’t be here, in which the people you know now will no longer exist. Your house will be gone, and most likely the trees and birds will not be here either. There will be no more earth and even the sun will disappear. No matter what we do, no matter what we build, one day it will all be gone.

Attachment to things that will pass

Do you feel depressed thinking about this? Just take a moment for yourself and consider it. The fact that everything is temporary is not good or bad per definition – it simply is what it is. It’s part of life, and there’s a choice we can make: either we accept it or we ignore it.

If you choose to ignore that things will pass, you’re up for a rude awakening sooner or later. And it will hurt. You’ll find that you’ve gotten attached to things that are more temporary than you are, and you’ll be forced to let them go: material possessions, a house, the government or your partner. Things change, disappear and often there’s nothing you can do about it.

Try to let go of the world

Rather than riling yourself up about being able to possess something, realize that you’re much better off if you come to terms with the possibility of change and loss. Like a ray of sunshine, it’s impossible to hang onto it, to lock it away and make sure that it can never leave you. The best you can do is to enjoy the light and warmth while it’s there, let it strengthen you while it’s there – and accept that it will leave you eventually. It may sound fairly simple, but that is what life is all about: you can only truly enjoy it once you accept that it’s temporary.

Once you’ve realized and accepted this, your life will change. Your focus will shift from ‘expecting’ to ‘experiencing’, to take it all in while you can and look at life’s opportunities as a gift. Enjoy every moment without setting expectations for the future – and by doing so, you’ll feel liberated.

Acceptance in everyday life

The process of accepting the temporary nature of everything is called ‘Enlightenment’. You’ll start to realize that everything will come to an end, and that everything is connected. As inspiring as this may be, how do you really implement this to your own life? How can you begin to let go and start to experience life? It truly is an art form to enjoy every moment – so start right there. Enjoy.

While your own life and everything around you is temporary, so are your problems. Don’t let things get you down and don’t take anything for granted. If you do, then how can you truly enjoy it? Live in the present, aware of every moment that is given to you. Those golden moments cannot be replaced nor captured, so seize them while you can.

Remember, nothing is permanent.

Jelle Hermus

Founder of soChicken. Jelle (28) is an entrepreneur, designer and health & happiness expert. His passion is making happiness as simple as possible.

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